[Story] I once saw my oneitis with a guy



Super Sane
Aug 25, 2018
Time online
10d 19h 59m
It was late at night, I was driving on my way home and I saw them sitting at the bus stop. The guy legit looked something like this :

I didn't stare at them for that long since I was driving fast. I assume that she had brought him to her house and they were taking the bus to go to his house and spend the night there or they were just going out.

And while I felt a stabbing chest pain, it didn't take me long to realize that it's how things are supposed to be. He was infinately better looking than me probably had a better personality too.

And they looked so good together, I would jerk off to them if I could. Such a hot couple. Ugly subhumans like me are meant to be alone.

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