[Venting] If only you knew how much I have ached over my oneitis


Fallen Angel
Aug 25, 2018
You will just make fun of me again but I never hurted over a person as much I did over her. And this didn't happen just now.

Back, in HS, when she rejected me brutally, I still thought about her every day. Everything was so depressing, I didn't laugh as much as I used to, I distanced myself from others, my grades dropped.

And this shit kept going for a year. Then I found some copes and I started liking other girls.

Of course, I didn't get anything and I evnetually found porn and got hooked. And then I stopped caring much about romance and became very sex driven.

Then I met her again, and this time I managed to hurt myself a lot worse than the first time. Cause I was a 21 yo virgin and I believed I had a chance with her. And the fall hurts more the higher you are.

This girl has devastated so much. It's so poetic and sad at the same time. But she did cut me off, and she went back to treating me just like she did in HS.


Using HGH at 6'4 Crew
Aug 11, 2018

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