[Success] I'm starting to get over my oneitis

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Cursed Oneitiscel
Aug 25, 2018
After seeing her sister's bf, a part of me died. I started forgetting about her and her BS. Sometimes, sui fuel can be an eye opener.

Seeing what type of guy her 16yo sister is dating, made me realize how ugly I am and that I never had a chance to begin with. I'm a creepy, rapist looking 23 yo virgin.

This self realization destroyed my feelings. The only thing I feel is unjustified rage. Idk. I feel like I'm dying. Everything is so hopeless now that I see it. I don't have any stength to live anymore. Live and do what? I will never be a 17yo pretty boy. I will never have college sex binges. I will never have a gf.

I feel so empty atm. I can't rope over a girl casue of my pride so I will going. I'm permamently damaged at this point and I will never recover but that's how life is. I guess I will be alone. At least here in Netherlands there isn't any sui fuel since the people here are so drastically different they might as well be considered different species.

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