[Serious] I'm weak to novelty



PhD in Moggology
Oct 1, 2018
All the sites I browse has endless amounts of content. I browse even though I have other things to do. It doesn't make me happy. I plan out what I want to get done for a day but then simply opening my phone before leaving the house can trap me into browsing the web for hours, getting nothing done. Constant novelty creates a craving for more novelty (new content basically), and if I cut out one source of novelty I just replace it with another. What really makes me happy is setting plans and goals for the day and in the long term, and reaching them.

These bad habits are ruining me. It eats my time, days, and general progress in life. I'm gonna quit this site and many others for some weeks and get my shit together, build some good habits. It's all habits, really.

Hopefully I can return with some good news. Goodbye for now.

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