[Redpill] Kangz Speesh Season 2, Chapter #2



Nov 29, 2018
Its simple, if you're gonna be a piece of shit I'm not going to rematch you.

If you don't skip the intro poses after i skipped mine, no runback.

If you don't skip the win pose, no runback. You are wasted time. I don't wanna see your rainbow haired Asuka calling me weak, you stupid fuck.

If you play Jack or Kazumi I won't even consider a rematch.

If you play King, and you command grab me, guess what, no runback.

If you play Akuma or Eliza I will just leave the game. I want to play TEKKEN. Not zone fighter. You fucking faggot.

If you play Bryan, and you use his faggot ass snake edge, you can bet I'm not only denying the runback, but I'm sending a complaint to Harada. Get fucked.

If you play Josie don't even think about a runback, you unga spamming retard.

If you play Asuka, I dodge. It's that simple. Play a real character then maybe I'll consider it.

If you play Nina, and spam strings, I absolutely will not be giving a runback. Go fuck yourself. Jerk off to more OnlyPractice videos you cocksucker.

If you play Eddy, I don't even consider you a real player. We both know why you play Eddy. You will stay a scrub forever. No runback, dipshit.

And most importantly, if you hit me after the round is over, we are done. I'm writing your name down and blacklisting you, permanently. You dumb cocksucker. You won the round, don't rub it in. Show some fucking sportsmanship. Its simple, don't be a faggot and I'll give you the runback.


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