[Blackpill] Looksmaxing is useless , we will never ascend to this level NO MATTER WHAT



indian street shitta
Feb 7, 2019
The onyl life fuel for me as 5-6 psl is that "it could be worse" i could be truecel tier 2/10 cuck for example. Just look at this guy its not only lower third / eye area etc just look at he's skull size and shape , harmony plus he's phenotype i bet he's tall AF FFS this guy is literally magnet for girls.
Its fucking over even for above average

i will mog him tho

so keep crying for me cunt
This is lifefuel. I couldnt even fuck obeses like 2 years ago. This year I handled to fuck so many ‘average looking bitches’ that rn all I want is so step back, looksmax gymmax and everything to reach ‘good looking bithes’ tier and start slaying em. Dont give up folks, I went from 80 rejections in class 2016 to average lookin bitches slayer 2019. HOPE FRIEND
i don't need motivation


"Extremely Masculine" - Pajeet friend, 2019
Nov 10, 2019
Damn I can actually get close to looking like this guy. I have the same stubble and the same skin tone, I'm as tall and as jacked as him if not more, and have similar eyebrows and eye area. Unfortunately I have big dark circles under my eyes so I wear glasses to hide those, but I have a similar eye shape and a similar skull. I only need to straighten my eyebrows (easy as fuck for me) and grow my masseters to have his lower third (Mastic on the way, we'll see what happens).

From now on I will focus my looksmaxxing efforts on getting as close to looking like this guy as possible.

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