[Motivation] MK677, Chew and Mew started to have noticeable gain


Jan 13, 2019
Just wanted to update and brag my progress
i'm taking mk677 around early mid march, 2 time a days, 12.5mg per dose.
taking MK677 first few days i have insomnia, not sure have to do with mk677 or not
the first 2 week the food craving is so high, binge eating for some of the days, literally cant stop myself to enter a store and buy junk food, gain 4-5 kg fat weight
the week 3 craving stop, started to intermediate fasting, weight slowly coming back down
mk677 claimed faster fat burning has zero effect on me, it still as hard as before to brought down my bf%
instead of ldaring, started to join any social event i can get now last week, literally everyone ask if i have been going to gym, and one person thought i joined mma club, dont know where he got that from, i dint, i only do bodyweight training.
wall-handstand push up+pull up+planche push up+ hanging leg raise, about 3-4 times a week dint change any exercise only increase reps, rarely add in squat
most noticeable gain to myself is my shoulder, wearing t shirt, shoulder area is tighter than before, but it might be just the bloating water retention because of hgh increase
and about a week ago, i feel my spine and neck constantly getting pull by my back muscle, i have to crack my neck every half an hour adjusting to pull my spine to feel comfortable, might cause by increasing back muscle. not sure if mk677 contribute or just natural muscle growth, i ll continue running mk677 for one more month.

I started chew and mew everyday since January, switched from normal gum to Falim gum around late February chew until now
i don't see much change, only notice a little bit bulging muscle at jaw area
but few days ago i bump into my old housemate, we dint see each other for months, dint even bring up the topic, the first thing she commented is about my jaw, she said my jaw look different than last time she saw me, look wider. i just told her may be i'm just getting fat, dint tell her any looksmaxing stuff.
might update with pic if i see my jaw have significant changes


Aspie scientist
Aug 22, 2018
I suggest you take 50mgs a day for the extra igf-1 boost.


Feb 9, 2019
Mk677 shills infecting the internet you guys don't give up lmao.

You have no progress pics so even if your story was legit it over

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