My manlet story



I refuse
Aug 11, 2018
When I was 14, I was already around 180cm (5'11) tall. I was called "tall" a few times, but never short.
Now I am 18 and still only 180cm tall. I now get treated like a manlet. Apparently MEN (18+) are supposed to be taller than 180cm. You're only seen as a man if you're 190cm (6'3).
A few days ago I had a meeting with the people from the job I will start in a few weeks. We needed to determine the size I need for my work clothes. The woman gave me the smallest size possible. She perceived me as a manlet. The size didn't fit obviously.
Another day I was standing in my door frame and my mom said "you're really not tall tbh. Normally guys reach the height of a door frame" which is 200cm (6'7 jfl).
It's over buddy boyos. I get heightmogged BRUTALLY wherever I go. Yes I do mog some men but they're invisible to women anyway just like me.
80/20 law is true.
Looksmaxing should only be done for YOU if you are a manlet. Other people won't treat you that much better because you're still a manlet. Height is the most important.


On My Final Attempt To Ascend
Sep 9, 2018
Dude really just stop . Manlets are 5’5 n below

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