Myobrace after braces


Dec 14, 2018
I’m gonna try myobrace but tbh I’m scared as hell that it’ll fuk with my straight teeth that I got from braces when I was 16. It’s just scary cos money was spent on my teeth to get them straight and I’m essentially going to change it with myobrace.
But I also think that it’s clear my overbite is present, and it wasn’t corrected by braces. And seriously, giving a 16 year old kid a retainer is just stupid is it not? Considering how much the jaw continues to grow afterwards do you really want a plastic prison restricting that growth. That’s basically saying let the rest of the face grow but keep your 16 year old jaw.
Come to think of it every time I went to the orthodontist they looked only at my teeth and never at my profile or anything like that really. My teeth are big but I feel my two front teeth are still a bit too prominent and that bringing the other surrounding teeth out a bit will make them more proportional.
There’s hardly any info on myobrace out there and even less so for adults.
Don’t know why I typed this all, just want reassurance I guess.

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