poem by Cho - A boy named loser



Jan 2, 2019
Cho - A boy named loser

a boy named LOSER
a boy named LOSER
walks off the sidewalk, shudders into his house,
and lays his weary head to sleep and dream.
In his dream, he lives two lives,
because in this world he has no life,
no class, no friends—just a Moron in this world.
During its long hours in the real world,
it’s no surprise he is LOSER.
Everyone knows—too bad—they say, only if he had a life.
Under the bright, cruel sun, he hulls his feet into his house.
Thinks about the two other lives.
Keeps on dreaming. Day dream.
What to do, what to say but dream.
That’s what losers do in this world,
where normal guys live their happy lives,
worry-free and be themselves, unlike LOSER.
A normal guy throws parties at his house,
but not LOSER—he has no life.
Be happy, be normal, get a life,
he says to himself; he can only in his dream:
In LOSER’s little mind, he brings over a girl to this house.
Only if he could do that in this real world.
LOSER. What can I say, that’s what losers do. LOSER!
Only if LOSER could live his lives.
Something LOSER can’t ever do!—lives those lives
and be normal and actually have a life.
You know why he can’t do it? He’s LOSER.
With everything he longs for, all he can do is dream
trapped in this world, in this wronged world.
Nothing to do but drag his heavy feet back into the house.
All alone in his little house
he likes to think he’s living his lives,
in his own safe little world.
No one tells him, LOSER, get a life!
No one gives him the hand gesture in his dream.
No one calls him LOSER:
Darn straight! This boy really is LOSER—LOSER with no life!
and he knows it. But he (what can he do) likes to live in his pathetic dream
drowning down in his little quirky house anyway—My Gawd! What a LOSER!


Apr 22, 2019

bro, seems you are having a mental breakdom all of your post are really depressing you need to find help
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