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Aug 11, 2018
  • We don't allow deletion of rating threads or pictures (not even from third party sites like imgur). Understand your pictures will stay online. This is as to keep threads readable and not leave the main thread just empty.
  • We do allow threads to be locked (no one can post anymore in it), PM a mod for that. Locked threads quickly "drown" and disappear.
  • Pick the right prefix: [OP] if it's you, otherwise [Not OP]. OP stands for "original poster".
  • When you respond, make sure you give constructive criticism; do not just insult or mock.
  • We only allow SFW pictures.
How to be rated accurately:

The most accurate way for people to rate you would be you taking a video showing your front and your side profile like this:

Otherwise you can take pictures of your front and side profile while holding the camera not too far away from your face nor too close, simply hold your phone and extend your arm as far as possible for best results.

Also, we suggest using rear camera because:
Selfie cameras tend to have a lot more distortion because they are shorter focal lengths (wider angle) than back camera lenses. So the selfie picture appears a lot less natural looking.
You can also see for yourself and it should be obvious.
Not open for further replies.

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