[Success] Regrow your hair follicles, androgenic alopecia, no excuses after you've read this tbh ngl



Apr 21, 2019
Are you sure peppermint oil doesn’t reduce collagen? :(

I was on minoxidil for 5 months and my skin was trash, even applying retin-a every fucking night didn’t do shit.

July 1st I quit minoxidil and by July 4th my skin was fucking beautiful. I had lost my gains but my skin was fucking perfect. July 5th I started peppermint oil and I have seen some hair return but my skin has gone down the shitter again. Acne everywhere, my scars look Moreno inflamed, dark circles around eyes. Haven’t stopped retin-a or anything.
Suifuel tbh


Jan 5, 2019
Suifuel tbh
I'm trying to find a balance, man.

It seems like you have to choose between hair or collagen.

I've lived with low collagen for 5 months and believe me, it's trash. I'm putting on peppermint oil every OTHER day now and I think my skin is getting a bit better while still regrowing some hairline follicles.

I'm curious to see how the 2.5mm dermapen will do. RIght now I'm using a 0.5mm roller.


Nov 28, 2018
This is it boys! Hairloss has finally COMPLETELY HALTED 😁, Dutasteride is a MUST. Finasteride is trash.
Remember when you take Dutasteride you must take Indole-3-carbinol to prevent gynecomacia.

Melatonin, Sandalore and Procyanidin B-2 are providing great results.

Melatonin is cheap and great for overall life quality, better sleep.
Sandalore added to the 10% peppermint oil solution, again very easy.

Although I do get insane regrowth, I am not completely satisfied with the regrowth on my temples, and after doing bloodwork and checking my IGF-1 levels I found out that my IGF-1 levels are 160 ng/ml, which is too low for my age (I'm in my mid 20's), I have decided to start taking MK-677 and supplementing with Selenium. I will probably take 20mg MK-677 every night before I go to sleep and 600mcgs Selenium taken with some Iodine (Seaweed).

I don't think that I need a PGD-2 (Prostaglandin D2) blocker because I have already blocked DHT completely using Dutasteride.
So right now I am currently looking into PGE-2 (Prostagladin E2 aka dinoprostone) powder for topical use after using the microneedling pen, and possibly daily.

I will keep you guys updated, best wishes to you all! 👦


Jul 18, 2019
Could some one tell my what the Hylauronic Acid does, and whats the benfit of it?
Thank you


Ghk-cu maxing
Jan 9, 2019
FIRST AND FOREMOST: Hair transplants are major copes because they do not properly make your scalp regrow it's follicles all the way down to the lower dermis.
Follicle contact between upper and lower dermis is neccessary for hair regrowth to take place, DHT blocks these channels.

If you are balding get these (all non ref):

1. Finasteride 1mg pills, cut in half. (See your doctor)



and these 42 Pin cartriges:



Peppermint oil:



Not too strong hyaluronic acid:





6.(optional, antifungal)
Ketoconazole anti-dandruff shampoo. Use sparingly and rarely, unless you suffer from very dry scalp and very bad dandruff then follow what it says on the leaflet.


Once every 1-2 weeks:

Shower and throughly shampoo hair and scalp. Pat towel dry hair, keep scalp wet. Apply a bit of rubbing alcohol on your scalp.
Set the Dr Pen to 2.5mm and highest speed possible for minimum pain, insert sanitized 42Pin cartridge.
Anything less than 2mm is cope. You need upper follicles to make contact with lower follicles by destroying the DHT in between and damaging the lower dermis follicles (This is the most importent part in hair regrowth).
Run that shit on your temples and even on your forehead, this will lower your hairline.
Keep your scalp and hair wet when you run the pen to prevent hair and skin tearing and minimize pain. (You can always add some water on top during the proccess)
Carefully wash head with a cool and soft water stream to wash all of the blood off.

Apply a tiny bit of Hyaluronic acid on the penetrated areas.
Wait for it to absorb.

You should feel a hot burning sensation. This is the inflammation starting to take effect and the scalp begins it's natural rejuvenation/restructure of particles.

Apply Peppermint oil.

(Peppermint oil > Minoxidil when it comes to hair regrowth but I use both)

0.5mg Finasteride.
Peppermint oil.

Twice a day:
0.5ml Minoxidil. Do not extend 0.5ml or the alcohol will dry your scalp.
DO NOT USE MINOXIDIL ATLEAST 12 HOURS AFTER YOU'VE USED DR PEN, as this will increase systematic absorbation and side effects.
You really only need the Minox to work topically.

(Optional) Once a few days to once a week to once a few weeks:
Ketoconazole shampoo this can help clean the scalp from fungi. DO NOT USE KETOCONAZOLE SHAMPOO 48 HOURS BEFORE AND 48 HOURS AFTER YOU'VE USED DR PEN. The Ketoconazole shampoo prevents the inflammation of the scalp which is neccessary for natural restructure of follicles.

All of the data above is from scientific studies and personal two month experience. Sorry but I'm too low effort to roll back and find links to these studies.
I have already lowered my hairline and temples and I may post before / after pics at 6 month mark, the results will be absolutely insane.
How is the sandalore? working well?

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