[Serious] Results on using MK-677 for height growth?


Mar 31, 2019
I’m 18 and I’ve been trying to find someone that has seen progress by using MK-677. Hopefully, if my growth plates are still open (I’m getting them checked next week), I’ll be able to order some (could use some tips as I couldn’t find anything that looked legit on Amazon, I’m in the US). I contacted someone on this forum yesterday that posted in October that they would start using the drug, although he said that he hasn’t seen any results. If anyone here has seen any progress, I need to know. Also, how does HGH differ from MK-677 and which one is recommended? Looking through the search results on here is confusing. If someone here has any experience with this stuff, plz PM me or leave a comment where I can contact you. Thanks in advance.

too long; didn’t read: I need to hear from someone who has used MK-677, HGH, or something else and has actually grown in height as a result. (y)

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Sep 10, 2018
As fay as I know MK-677 is nowhere near as effective as legit hg. It still has benefits like anti aging and better workout recovery but does not mimick enough hgh to actually grow bones to a noticeable degree. You might want to check out @Extra Chromosome heightmaxxing megathread.

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