[Shitpost] Group of ethnics is more intimidating than Group of BBC's


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Aug 13, 2018
If you get a fight with BBC's.
- They have a strong niggerbond
- They're probably really good friends of each other
- Aggressive because of High DHT/High T and emotional because high E

BBC's are quick to kill you. They don't like sloppy seconds and will kill you within 3 seconds because of their physical superiority.
But @x69 .. ethnics are also superior to white European people
you're right whoever had that thought..probably the whole forum.

If you get a fight with a group of ethnics
- They have a strong nationalitybond
- They have a strong religionbond
- They are probably brothers or family of each other
- Aggressive because of High DHT/ High T but not emotional since middle eastern people are masculine af in terms of culture.

What's the difference?
BBC will kill you quick.
Ethnics will grab your balls. Bite in your balls. Set your balls on fire. Cut your dick off. Glue it back together and cut it off again.
They will make sure you are hurt in every nerve that you have in the body. Believe me I am middle eastern myself. Don't fight a middle easterner.

THE WORST THING. You will survive an ethnic group attack. But is it really worth it? Tbh Death > Ethnic attack

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