[Blackpill] Society expects men to constrain the "negative" elements of our nature but not women to constrain theirs



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Dec 4, 2018

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Sunday at 12:49 PM
Quite simply, it is male nature to:
Kill, fight, steal, rape, pillage.
Seek women of any age for partners (even <18 :soy:).
Men have done these things for thousands of years. It is in our blood.

Society has deemed these are "anti-social" traits and men have learned to restrain ourselves accordingly to make the social contract work.

Conversely, it is female nature to:
Seek partnership with dark triad psychopaths, criminals, and narcissists.
Reward height which offers no current evolutionary advantage (more back pain, more cancer).
Punish men who are high IQ by rejecting them more often (which would be more useful).
Be far more racist than men.
Wait until they are way past their prime reproductive years to have kids.
Choose not to have kids at all as they are often happier being selfish.
Not value a man's long term commitment to her.
If you doubt any of the above, see here:

It is all well proven.

So when do we reach a point where we can expect society to tell women to hold up their end of the social contract and restrain their Toxic Femininity :soy:? Do we wait until the extinction of the species? Or societal collapse?

It is not even a matter of law. Eg. It is not illegal for a 35 year old man to date a 18 year old woman, but if one does, he is shamed as if he has broken a law. So when should women start being ashamed for all the most horrible aspects of their nature?


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Feb 21, 2019
Society is doomed and has gone to hell.
Cali Yuga

Cali Yuga

Oct 24, 2018
Society is deigned for women to be subordinate to men. Womens nature is designed to be repressed by masculine authority in much the same way that hunger is designed to be repressed by environmental scarcity.

The same way that technology allowing people to eat a dozen doughnuts everyday makes them fat and unhealthy female empowerment allows women to destroy their societies with their unrestrained impulses. Our society will be replaced by a patriarchy one way or another, matriarchies cannot reproduce or perpetuate themselves.

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