[Rage] Splitting 1mg Cabergoline tabs 4-ways seems impossible.



Jul 12, 2019
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15d 18h 46m
I'm 2 weeks in to using Cabergoline. I was able to split a 1mg Cabergoline nearly perfectly in half today with my pill splitter. But then when I try to split the halves to quarters, there is a lot of powder crumbling.
This is a nuisance because I need to take .25mg twice a week. If I take .5mg once weekly (every 168 hours), the effect is going to be strong for the first 63-69 hours into the week (the half life of Cabergoline is 63-69 hours). But then for the rest of the week (the last 99-105 hours in the week) the effect is going to taper off due to the half-life effect.
Whereas if I take .25mg every 3.5 days (84 hours) like I'm supposed to, it kind of evens out the effect of Cabergoline in your plasma across time.
When I try to split it in .5mg halves it's almost-perfect

But when I try to split it in .25mg quarters it all goes to shit
first half split

second half split
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