The biggest shit thread ever

Lev Peshkov

Lev Peshkov

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Apr 5, 2020
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Basically fucking all of you copers with your "Muh implants" won't work

We've seen this guy who went for everything and just didn't look right well that's because you need to get osteotomies. Get lefort 2+ that's a must. With bsso, and chinwing. Get ZSO also. For fillers you want to be not over the top like him. He abused them too hard. Fir cheekbones get filler. Fir underyee support get implants and fat graft and eye area almond eye. For brow get a brow implant but not like an autist.

Basically don't abuse implants if you don't wanna look plastic.

Get osteotomies and implants to enhance your looks
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