[Redpill] This is why Ethnics/BBCs in Europe are more Alpha than the white majority



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Aug 13, 2018
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First of all.. More testosterone and DHT.

Second.. songs.

[These are dutch songs]
This is the shit ethnics and bbcs listen to in Europe which makes them Alpha.

What does the song say?
Fuck morals and the respect people give to you.
People can't be trusted and love can destroy you.
You're born alone and you die alone. You should only live for yourself.

This is the mentality these ethnics and BBC's grow up with.. can you really be high inhib if you think this way?

Next song

Time is the most important thing. Friends take from you but will never give back.
You're stronger on your own.
Translated lyric: Bitches ask for respect but how can we respect them if they lost their self-respect?
Tbh ngl pretty alpha. dont respect thees bitches.

There are way more songs + They are telling it in a masculine way.
While the majority of Europeans listen to:

Ethnics and BBC's listen to songs that make them redpilled. Europeans cuck themselves with the songs they listen to,
Ethnics and BBC have songmaxed

@Tony @Nibba We need to songmax. Nibba a redpilled playlist is way better tbh
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