[Story] This user from sanctioned suicide tells everything u need to know about life

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Aug 16, 2018
Last year i remember seeing u/GoneNewYearseve2017's death news from r/Deadredditors. I went to check his profile and started reading his posts. Most of them are removed even from google cache because r/sanctionedsuicide was banned. Some of his comments are on archive but the ones that are most related to us have gone i guess. He tells the story about his young love back in the 1900sth year (he killed himself when he was 42 or sth). He tells that he gained the courage to ask his oneitis. He wrote that there were no facebook instagram etc and u wouldnt know what would happen so it was way more exciting back then. He asked her out and she accepted. They both started being lovers but one day the girl's father learned about him and threatened him to stop seeing his daughter. After this they run away from their home with a backpack and food. They had their first sexual intercourse with each other after they run away. They were young and innocent full of hope etc. Later they were found by police or sth and then the girl's father was so angry that they moved away from their home. After that he never heard of his lover. And later in his life he wageslaves till 42 and one day sth happens and police arrests himself for no good reason. They take away his money from the bank account. He would have to use money from retirement savements to get out of jail. He was fired because he was arrested. Then he decides to commit suicide by newyears eve 2017 but the only thing that keeps him alive is his debt to his brother who'd helped him when he was down. He pays his debt before newyears eve 2017 so he decides to act on his plan. He was a bit drunk if i remember correctly before going to the mountain or sth to shot himself from the head. He reads older letters from his childhood while crying and he emphasizes the naivity , innocence of being children in these letters. How naive we were how happy, optimistic when we were kids. He saw these in those letters and he cried. Then he smoke and drunk and started walking to the mountains to shot himself. I wish i could reach to the posts he talked about these things but cuckit banned the subreddit and deleted the cache. Fuck , he had a great life story to tell. I will never forget his writings man . He had a young pure love which was remembered by him even at 42 years old. He said that life ended at 21 because after that point u would become a corporate slave.

I wish things have been better for him and for us




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Sep 10, 2018
I'm having a feeling of de ja vu right now:unsure:

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