[Blackpill] What do you want me to do next time I go to a club or party


Aug 11, 2018
Next time I go to a club or party, I will do what you guys say as long as it isn't autistic Just make a note of it here and I will make a megathread of a field report of a tyronelite low inhibmaxxing. I will consume a lot of 'things':feelsbaton::feelsbaton: that will help me actually do what you guys say. It ain't gonna be easy but tyrones are low inhib


Master Time Waster
Jan 7, 2019
Just walk up to every girl you find attractive and respectly say you are attracted to them and you would like to have sex with them.
Then go fuck the one that agrees ;-)


Aug 11, 2018
Start doing a loud live narration of the events and record it into a tape.

"I walk into the party and see subhuman worms everywhere. I'm not sure if everyone is this ugly or if they all just congregate together. These female specimens look decent enough to penetrate, but I will have to watch out for the thot patrol on the loose"

And if confronted about it just do your best arcbrah impression.

"Suck my cock I mog you with my subhuman asshole. I am a psl 8 robust giant skulled pretty boy with a great frame for my amazing height of 6'1 and also the acne isn't bad nibba fock u. A 6/10 girl complimented me and then I fuck her"

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