[Looksmax] You are not even trying Tbh



Dec 18, 2019
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You are not even trying -

If you don't place Castor/Coconut Oil /Vaseline on your eyebrows and eyelashes 2 times a day and before going to sleep. (eyebrows and eyelashes can halo an avg eye area)

Going to the gym and doing all the excercises with proper technique.

Stretching after waking up and being wary of having good oral and spinal posture.

Exfoliating and taking care of your skin in every way possible.

Being mindful of what you eat to look healthy and non bloated.

Getting an inversion table to decompress your spine and perhaps add 1 inch or more to your height.

Maximizing your coloration with asthanaxin and beta carotene.

Wearing contacts if you have super dark brown eyes.

Using at least 1 lift or shoes that benefit your height greatly.

Using any PED's (sarms if u worry about fucking up ur system if teencel) or HGH and AI, (clavicle and spine plates fuse way later than limb plates!!!).

Meditating and using any chemicals to NTmaxx as everyone here has some grade of aspieness.

Clothemaxxing by using clothes that fit you well and contrast and make you stand even more from the crowds of shit streetwear fashion copers.

Doing swimming/throwing to claviclemaxx even more ded srs.

Training neck to stop being a pencilneckcel and perhaps get an even deeper voice.

Trying to moneymaxx every day cuz you have access to blackpill knowledge and despite being low iq you have better chances than most people at any niche you want.

Writing down special notes about surgeries and things that can halo you or help you ascend even more.

Develop a positive outlook on life despite the harsh nature of reality. Indeed son coping is part of humans.

edit: @Linoob
You forgot a couple:

- Getting a hair transplant/hair system
- Straightening and whitening your shit teeth
- Stubblemaxing (if it suits you)
- Tanning (HUGE)
- Dermarolling / tretinoin
- Fragrancemaxing
- Natural testosterone / TRTmaxing

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