[News] Please read this before posting in looksmaxing section (10% warning in case of violation)

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Aug 12, 2018
Too many people are posting very low effort posts, a lot of time posts that aren't even related to looksmaxing in the looksmaxing section. The section gets littered with low quality posts as a result.

When posting please try to put some effort into the post. A good post that belongs to looksmaxing section:

1.) Is related to looksmaxing i.e. adds some looksmaxing info or asks for looksmaxing info. Posts which don't fit these criterias will be moved to offtopic

2.) Has a relevant title: A title that at least describes what the thread is about. Titles such as "What to use?", "Eyes","Need advice", "Thoughts on this?" etc are bad and low effort.

3.) Has some description which isn't low effort, this text isn't optional: Please try to put some effort into the description

4.) Must not be shitpost/spam

To get more idea about what a good looksmaxing post looks like look at the pinned posts in this section or posts in the looksmax archive. If you think the post doesn't fit these criterias then post it to offtopic.

As a temporary rule, in order to improve the quality of the looksmaxing subforum, people violating these rules will get a 10% warning for each violation.

Not open for further replies.
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