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Aug 10, 2018
Welcome to!

This is a community for men that wish to improve their looks. These improvements include but are not limited to skincare, diet, surgery, and bodybuilding. If you are interested in looking better, attracting the opposite sex, being rated, or just all around being the best version of yourself, this is the forum for you.


We are a male-only community. Please understand and respect that just like women need their own female-only spaces, so do men need their counterparts.
  • Men (Allowed):
    • Men looking to improve their looks.
  • Women (Not Allowed):
    • Women are banned on sight, no exceptions. This is a male-only forum.


Content and Behavior
  • Do not post private information of users. Doxing is prohibited.
  • Do not post platitudes or cherrypick content.
  • Do not post spam, advertisement, or low effort content. The Offtopic subforum is more relaxed on this rule.
  • Do not necropost (i.e., do not post on old threads) unless you have a good reason to do so.
  • Do not post gay or trans content.
  • Do not harass, troll, or persecute other users. Be respectful.
  • Do not post illegal content or incite anyone to commit illegal acts of any kind. If in doubt, don't post.
  • You can only have one (1) account. If you make more, you will be banned on all of them. Do not share your account.
  • Ratings belong exclusively to the ratings subforum. You cannot delete rating threads or pictures within them, no exceptions.
  • Use a [NSFW] tag for pornography and violent content. Don't post gore or pornography in random threads.
Rules for bans are explained here.

Do not try to circumvent the rules, mods can warn at their discretion.
Please read our privacy policy and terms of service.
By using this site you agree to all our policies and rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a serious inquiry or wish to advertise, where can I reach you?


Does the site have a Discord?
Yes! Join here:

What is reputation?
Reputation is shown under your user, and in your user profile page. When someone "likes" your post or gives you any other type of reaction (minus anger), you will receive +1 reputation. The more you post and the more quality your posts have, the more reputation you'll get.

What are trophies?
They are silly badges you get for doing certain things on the forum. They don't give you anything, it's just for you to prove just how handsome and cool you are.

How do I change the theme of the site?
There is a button at the bottom left of the page for that.

When will I be able to send PMs / vote in polls?
If you are active, you'll be permitted to do these things automatically. It's a spam-prevention measure, be patient.

How do the ranks and stars work?
You earn one star per 100 posts, up to 5 stars. Once you get 500 posts, your rank and color changes and you reset to one star again. Note that for each rank you need to have been registered one extra week on the site. This is so spamming to skip ranks isn't possible. You can see all of the ranks on the member's section sidebar.
If you have the post count and the registered time required, be patient. The 'upgrade' process runs every couple hours.

How do I change the tag under my username, my privacy settings, or my alert preferences?
You can go to the preference page in your profile.

Who are the moderators of the forum?
You can check that by clicking here.

Can I block a user?
Yes. Click on their username. Then you can click the "ignore" button.

Can I edit/delete my posts and threads?
You have a 4-hour window to edit/delete posts. You have a 4-hour window to edit threads, but you are unable to delete them. The reason is that good discussions are sometimes lost when threads are deleted. You can always ask a moderator to remove content if you need something removed, but note we do not mass delete content, don't insist.

Can I change my username?
No. This also means you can't voluntarily ban your current account to create another.

Can I delete my account?
No. You can PM a moderator to get a voluntary ban. We do not mass delete content.

Can I delete my private messages?
Yes, at any time. However, the only way to do it is if everyone in the conversation (you and the other person you're talking to) leave it. There is a button for that, look around within the conversation page. We can't delete private messages for you.

How do I get alerts from a thread?
On the top right of every thread, there's a button that says "Watch." If you want to watch a particular thread without having to post, click that button. By changing your alert preferences, you can automatically watch threads after you post in a thread or after you create a thread.

How do warnings work?
Warnings you get are active in your profile for only one month by default and can be seen only by moderators. Active warnings will add up, and if your warnings total 60% or more, you will get a temporary ban (up to 4 days). At 100%, you will be permanently banned. To know your warning level, add up each warning PM you have received over the last month.

How can I stay safe online?
The same way you do anywhere else: Don't post personal information (real name, address, phone, email, pictures, etc.), unless you are comfortable exposing that information to the whole internet.

Why was X user warned/banned?
Warnings are personal, and we do not publicly announce reasons for warnings or bans. You are free to PM the user in question.
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