Anyone taken a Bootcamp with or have dirt on pua, EVolution daily?


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Jan 25, 2019
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has anyone ever taken an evolution daily bootcamp? or have dirt on him? or know someone thats been around him?

this guy:

he used to have a bunch of infields on youtube but took them down(his excuse was youtube was banning channels with infields when it was really only one channel called street attraction. I know RSD took theres infields down too.) but in reality he put them in his paid mastermind product so he could profit off o content he was putting out for free.From what I hear he has staged vids. A guy named kasrima king made a vid on him breaking down his infields saying there were fake he deleted the vid because aaron was gonna try to take down his channel if he did not take it down. A Couple months ago on loookism someone exposed him to but fortunately for him it got deleted because the site got hacked and a bunch of shit got deleted. Anytime i comment on his vids questioning his infields I bring this expose up he always deletes the comment. Red flag imo. He also talks mad shit about his followers in his facebook group and bans anyone that questions him.

also the vids with the colombian chicks are clearly hired hoes, no doubt about it. even his followers in the comments are bashing him.

im curious if this guy is legit or scam, not really much on him. I always his infields seemed genuine unlike RSDs bullshit but some of this recent shit i have been hearing about him tells me otherwise.

I feeling stating a pua scam expose thread, miss the old puahate day Tbh.

also Admin suggestion. We should a pua Expose section! These scammers need to die off.
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