JFL My mum disgusts me



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Sep 13, 2019
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Disregard other thread. I’m not going to apologize. She disgusts me

Ugly whore. Looksminned herself into the ground. Was fat when my dad met her and now she’s morbidly obese.

I can see her flabs 24/7 and knock knees. Makes me sick.

Idc if I make her sad. She has depression and is sad already. Me rejecting her won’t change the end result of her shit life rn.

She’s not had sexual intercourse since 2011 and has no male contact. She has Used me as her only source of male contact and acts weird. So I’m done. I’m cutting this off and rejecting her completely. With her current trajectory she’ll be dead soon.

It’s over 4 her ngl. I’m the asshole of this situation but I can take it. It’s hard not to see her in a bad light. Useless failure
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