[Blackpill] The problem with most normies and incels is that they care too much about dumb ass "stories" and have egos



Mar 6, 2019
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27d 9m
You should function like a robot and only work with REAL FACTS.

"Does action X increase my chances to get laid?" -> "YES" -> perform action X
"Does action Y increase my chance mathematically to make more money?" -> "YES" -> perform action Y
If "NO", then don't do it.

So stop coping with faggy "muh tattoos are overused and lame" shit. Nobody GIVES A SHIT WHAT YOU THINK.

"Lifting for girls LOL" FUCK YOU

This is ego talking unable to accept reality.

Wise men lose their ego, don't give a fuck about anything in life and only do actions that get them laid or paid.

That's it. Morals, standards, tastes and other nice stories is for normies dumbasses and incel losers.

Those who operate in next level don't even know what morals are, don't have standards, specific opinions or other gay noise shit. They literally just focus on money and/or getting laid and disregard all the other shit.

You think Bezos cares about some gay little opinions? NO! He will do whatever necessary to grow amazon and get rich as fuck. He doesn't have time in brain to allocate to politics or anything, only to use people and their gay stories to gain more power and money.

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