[Serious] Thots vs Prostitutes



Aug 11, 2018
Call me low IQ, but I think thots and prostitutes are different.

Yes, both are very big sluts and will slut around to varying degrees. However, the difference is that prostitutes will do it with any guy for money, while thots will ONLY do it for guys that are 8 or higher, occasionally a 7 if there are no Chads. I mention this because I remember during my High School years, thots were not always the ones waving their bodies around to engage in sexual intercourse with anyone, there true behavior is unvealed near guys who are 7-8+.

Exp. One thot might act not slutty but the moment she sees Chad, she disregards her values and exposes her true thot behavior

Another example, I heard about a chick who leaked her nudes, and this chick was a Stacy. The way it was leaked was by someone taking a screenshot on Snapchat and sharing it to a lot of people. The person who leaked was one of her many exs, who happened to be a Chad. She forgave him though

Now what does this have to do with looksmaxing, well, thots actually contribute to a halo, that is, it gives you the illusion that you are a slayer, or makes you appear slayer.

tl;dr thots are more selective prostitutes and gives a male halo effect


Aug 12, 2018
They aren't comparable, one does it for money and one does it because she's a thot.

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