[Blackpill] Why Midface Ratio is meaningless and the biggest PSL meme out there:

Patrick Baitman

Patrick Baitman

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May 9, 2020
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That's not how you measure fwhr jfl
facial width to height ratio (FWHR): 1.8-2.0
measured by dividing the bizygomatic width (distance from cheekbone to cheekbone) by the height of the lower part of the eyebrow to the upper lip.
Above quote is from @SexuallyAbusive 's ideal ratios thread
If your argument was why the vertical line doesn't overlap the horizontal one: I moved it after measuring so the values displayed don't overlap eachother and others can read it properly.


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Jan 30, 2020
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I've had enough with the low IQ subhumans here and their moronic takes on the midface ratio...

The reason why midface ratio is completely obsolete is its reliance on IPD.

"Yeah my nose is kinda large but when I duckface my philtrum is 2mms" "Yeah my IPD is 70mm and I have 1/1 ratio I'm good"

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No you brainded faggot your midface is still 7 fucking centimeters. To average people, who are not going to measure your IPD with a ruler, you still look like a horsefaced subhuman.

The only things that matter are:

How long is your nose in comparison to the other facial thirds
Skull width aka FWHR

Fuark look at this sub 0.9 subhuman Somerhalder, it's obviously over for him.
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WRONG his nose is still relatively short and his facial thirds are proportionate.
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